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Poster Presentations

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Prediction of Reservoir Properties of the Semliki Basin Using Rock Physics Templates.

Ms Joan Nakajigo

Makerere University


Fault seal analysis of the lake Edward basin, south western Uganda. 

Mr. Ayoonwi Numfor Ngwa

Makerere University


Hydrocarbon Generation, Migration and Accumulation Analysis in the Semliki Basin, Albertine Graben, Western Uganda.

Ms Praise Katusiime

Makerere University


Integrated Rock typing for improved reservoir description.

Ms Monica Nafula

The Petroleum Authority of Uganda (PAU)


The effect of diagenetic cementation on reservoir quality: a case study from Albertine Graben South-Western Uganda.

Mr. Henry Tumusiime

Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, Uganda


Interpretation of Structural Domains beneath Lake Edward- George Basin Southern Uganda from Seismic Data. 

Mr. Derrick Mbenyi

Petroleum Authority of Uganda


Sedimentary Fill Characterization of the Paraa formation using Geological Field Mapping Techniques and Spectral Gamma Ray (SGR) Data- Albertine Graben Uganda.

Mr. James Ecau

Petroleum Authority of Uganda (PAU)


Petroleum plays and petroleum system modeling of Lamu basin in Kenya.

Ms. Clara Orora

National Oil Corporation of Kenya


Tanzania Petroleum Potential in the Offshore and Onshore Acreages available for new ventures.

Mr. Faustine Matiku

The Petroleum Upstream Regulatory Authority (PURA)


A Molecular Dynamics Study on Growth of Crude Oil Wax crystals and Effectiveness of Polymeric Inhibitors.

Mr. Wyclif Kiyingi

Makerere University


Opposition to cross-border oil and gas pipelines: what can stop the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) project? 

Mr. Moses Ekunu

Petroleum Authority of Uganda


Is the East African crude oil pipeline project a blessing or curse to East Africa?

Ms. Esther Acham

GODENA ASSOCIATES and an Advocate of the High Court of Uganda


Exploring the potential implications of natural gas and LPG infrastructure development in east Africa.

Mr. Francis Marvin Wamala

Makerere University


An evaluation of Data Management Lifecycle for Managing Exploration and Production data in the Upstream oil and gas industry.

Mr. Derrick Mbenyi

Petroleum Authority of Uganda


Energy integration.

Mr. Dennis Bahati

Kyambogo University


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