Presentation Guidelines

Presentation Guidelines

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Oral Presentation Guidelines:

  1. Oral Presentations will be allocated a maximum of ten (10) minutes of presentation.

  2. Presentations should be restricted to seven (7) slides:
  1. The Objective of the study
  2. The Methodology adopted
  3. The Results obtained
  4. Conclusion (academia)
  5. Policy Implication (Government)
  6. Business Opportunity ( Private Sector)
  7. Cover page / Thank you note


Poster Presentation Guidelines:

  1. Poster stands are the size A0 portrait. Anything larger than this will not be accommodated for purposes of consistency and uniformity.

  2. Visiting of posters will be during breaks - tea break, Lunch break and after the afternoon sessions.


Presentation Submission:

All Oral and Poster Presenters are requested to submit their presentations using the link below no later than 30th April, 2023  at 23:30Hrs.

Presentation Submission Form



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