Central and Northern Albertine Graben, Uganda

Central and Northern Albertine Graben, Uganda

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6th - 8th  May, 2023


A three (3) days pre-conference field excursion to the central and northern part of the Albertine graben is planned to provide an opportunity to the delegates to observe the geology of these areas, discoveries, developments in the Industrial Park including the International Airport and field developments and tour the famous Murchison Falls National Park.


Delegates will leave Entebbe for Hoima town located in the central part of the Albertine Graben. The first day will be spent in the Kingfisher Development area and Kaiso-Tonya area. Kaiso-Tonya lies in a faulted large-scale relay ramp (synthetic transfer zone) formed by overlapping synthetic boundary faults controlling the southern and northern Lake Albert depocenters.

Murchison Falls
Murchison Falls

The area at the same time is an accommodation zone. Between these two major faults lies other three sets of faults that have accommodated the associated stresses trending E-W, NE-SW and in the N-S directions. Kaiso-Tonya geology has been divided into four Formations namely; Nkondo, Warwire, Sebugoro and Kaiso.

Stop 1: will be at the Kingfisher Development area majorly to understand the development activities that are leading for the first oil.

Stop 2: will be made at Kabaale Industrial Park to discuss the refinery, Kabaale International Airport and basin wide developments of the discovered resources in Albertine graben.

Kabaale International Airport Runway
Kabaale International Airport Runway

Stops 3 & 4 will be made in the Nzizi and Mputa fields in Kaiso-Tonya. Mputa discovery is important to the Albertine graben and the EARS as it was the first commercial oil discovery in East Africa.

Stop 5 will be made to discuss the Kabyosi oil seep.


Kaiso-Tonya structural setting and geology
Kaiso-Tonya structural setting and geology

The delegates will head to Hoima town and spend the night.



Stops 1–2  Petroleum exploration operations in Butiaba-Wanseko area

Stop 1:  The team will drive from Hoima town and make a stopover at the top of the escarpment to study the geometry of Northern Lake Albert basin, view the Waki dome and its associated rift margin prospects.

Stop 2: A stop at Kasamene-1 crude bitutainer will be made.  Kasamene field is estimated to hold a STOIIP of over 300mboe. Three wells have been drilled with Kasamene-1 flowing a cumulative flow rate of 3,550bopd on testing. Similar sands of properties of the Victoria Nile Delta play have been encountered in the Kasamene-2, 3 and other wells in this part of the Albertine Graben. The fields in this area were appraised by extensive drilling, acquisition of both 2D and 3D seismic data and Extended Well Testing (EWT) before submitting Field Development Plans to Government.

Drill Stem Testing at Kasamene (right) and well log section (left).
Drill Stem Testing at Kasamene (right) and well log section (left).

Stop 3: will be at the Central Process Facility construction site in Tilenga Project to understand the progress of the development activities in the area.

Stop 4: Boat ride on the Victoria Nile

Participants will take a boat ride in the late afternoon on the Victoria Nile to see the Paraa seep and the bottom of Murchison falls.  From the boat, reservoir quality sandstone exposures will be seen along the riverbanks and the Paraa oil seep on the surface of Victoria Nile.

Nyamsika sandstone exposure on the banks of the Victoria Nile (l) and Oil film on the Victoria Nile (r)
Nyamsika sandstone exposure on the banks of the Victoria Nile (l) and Oil film on the Victoria Nile (r)

From geochemical studies, the Paraa oil seep is a Type-1, Mid-mature, lacustrine source. The manifestation of hydrocarbons on the surface (on Victoria Nile) confirms the presence of a mature source rock, which has generated and expelled oil.



Participants will have a game drive through the Murchison Falls National Park early in the morning before returning to Entebbe via Masindi, in preparation for the conference in Kampala, Uganda.

Some of the attractions of the Murchison Falls National Park
Some of the attractions of the Murchison Falls National Park

Fees: US$900 per person.

Costs include transport, accommodation, meals and park fees. Delegates should ensure they carry appropriate field gear e.g. field boots.


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